Luxury Boarding for your Feline Companion

Cats are amazing creatures! If we honor them with what they need -- love, admiration, quality nutrition and a comfortable space, designed just for them, they will relax and enjoy themselves.

Cats Only is a new concept in cat boarding, recognizing the needs of both cats and their guardians. The Hotel is a small, quaint operation, run by one very loving caretaker, so your kitty does not have to adjust to a large staff or new faces every day.

Each private room has a window for lounging and birdwatching, a catwalk and climbing tree for exercise and exploring, and a cozy hiding space for that much needed time alone. Each feline guest receives personal attention and maid service throughout the day, with meals served according to their normal routine at home.

If you wish, your kitty may enjoy a stroll through the larger Center Room to play with yarn toys, catnip mice or jingle balls, or to relax in front of the fire and be pampered with a massage, gentle brushing, or a warm and cozy nap. Only one room at a time is allowed in the Center Room. Contact between cats, other than family members, is not permitted.

Cats Only is open by appointment only, which allows for my undivided attention while checking each guest in or out.

Please call for Reservations or Tour. Conveniently located in West Salem.
For Rates, please see Contact information.

Cats Only

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